The Most Successful Golf Club Brands

The golf industry is extremely competitive, and whether it is practised professionally or as a hobby, it remains quite expensive to maintain. The following golf brands have stood out for many decades among their competitors.

1.    Titleist

The wealthiest and most successful golf brand was born when a golfer named Phillip E. Young played a round of golf with his dentist. Young asked his dentist if he could have the golf ball x-rayed after hitting an embarrassing putt.

The professional golfer examined the x-ray and discovered a flaw at the core of the ball, which led him to design a golf ball that would eliminate this flaw. Titleist produces golf equipment for both amateur and professional golfers today.

2.    TaylorMade

This golf manufacturer is only second to Titleist, being one of only two golf brands that surpassed a net worth of $1 billion dollars. TaylorMade was established in 1979, and it is responsible for designing and producing the first metal wood clubs.

3.    Callaway

The Callaway brand is extremely well known throughout the world, mostly thanks to its brilliant marketing campaigns. They offer golf players anything from clubs and clothing to gear and other quality accessories. Callaway’s Epic irons have a good reputation among professional golfers around the world.

4.    PXG

This golf brand was established as recently as 2014, and it has already made its mark in the golfing world, producing quality clubs and gear for professional and amateur golfers. Bob Parsons founded the company as a means of making quality golf equipment more affordable. They manufacture some of the most affordable high-end golf equipment on the market.

5.    Honma

This is probably one of the oldest golf brands in the world; established way back in 1959, this Japanese company has landed a solid reputation with professional and amateur golfers around the world. The Honma Beres 5-Star Driver is one of the most valuable clubs in the range of clubs they manufacture.

Golf brands compete on amateur and professional levels to provide the best solution for golfers around the world. Learn more about golf here.