Essential Equipment and Gear used by Professional Golfers

Interested in playing golf professionally? This is the place to get started. Below is a list of the essential golf gear every aspiring golfer will need to start playing golf.

Quality Golf Clubs

Quality Golf Clubs - Essential Equipment and Gear used by Professional Golfers

Every journey onto the golf course needs to start with acquiring a good set of golf clubs. The maximum number of clubs a professional player is allowed to carry is 14. A set of four irons, sand wedges, a putter, and a driver are the most essential when heading out to the golf course.

Brands like Titleist and Callaway are some of the most popular brands to consider when it comes to professional golfing.

A Stand Golf Bag

A stand bag is the most practical option for most professional golfers. The bag comes with two straps that make it easy to be carried on the back, and it stands up on its own when put down on the ground.

Good Golf Shoes

A good golf shoe is always an essential item in any golf kit. The shoes help players to balance while aiming and taking a shot at the ball. There is no argument against the comfort and performance benefits that come from a quality golf shoe.

Golf Clothing

A comfortable and smart pair of golf trousers accompanied by a polo shirt is what most professionals like to wear. The right clothing will do a good job at making sure a player looks the part on the golf course. Professional golfers need clothing that is more golf-specific.

Gloves and Safety

Gloves can be worn throughout the game on the opposite hand that is used play. There is a huge difference in how easy it is to grip the club when a golfer decides to wear a glove. Full leather gloves are often used by professional golfers, and for players who are just starting out, a synthetic glove will do a perfectly good job.

Golf Balls and Tees

Golf Balls and Tees - Essential Equipment and Gear used by Professional Golfers

When it comes to what gear a player needs to start playing golf – golf balls are just as essential as a good golf club. There are quite a few options to choose from. Serious golfers can pay a lot of money for a dozen premium balls. However, players starting out will hardly notice the difference when buying a cheaper dozen.

Golf players who are serious about the game need the right equipment and gear to enjoy the game. Golf clubs and other sports organisations can sponsor players who are new to the game.